Process of Building First VR Space

Why do I make VR space?

  • Easier to create and build space (than in real life)
  • Allow people to experience and feel connected in the VR space
  • Accessible anywhere (you can join with a headset or on a browser)
Final output


  1. Set a concept and mood board ✅
  2. Make a mockup ✅ Build modelling in 3D software ✅
  3. Export and explore the new space ✅

1. Mood board

So, after attending the conferences, I feel like I got more ideas about AR/VR/XR. I’m going to do the simple task of building a series of VR spaces.

Learning how to use Spoke

This is a great intro video about Mozilla Hubs
An easy to follow tutorial to build something simple on Spoke

I followed the video and managed to publish my first scene on Hub using pre-built models. Check it out :

Searching about VR AR and found this summit a few days before it starts — what great timing. I joined from their 2nd day. I used to go to see design conferences a lot when I was in London. Travelling to other European cities like Barcelona and Berlin. It was my first time attending a conference online. There were lots of interesting talks and information.

My takeaways and resource links below:

1. How brands are using AR/VR

The Bang & Olufsen AR experience

After having a family dinner, I received a message from a friend who insisted me to buy the Oculus headset. He lives on the east coast and I live on the west coast. The last time I met him in person was in NYC and 2017 at a Voice conference hosted by Amazon Alexa. Things have changed a lot in life and careers. We were meant to see at his wedding last year in Toronto, unfortunately, due to the travel ban during the pandemic, I’ve only got to see it over YouTube Live. We arranged a quick meet up in…

Working out with Supernatural and Fit X will change my daily routine

On my first days, I learned how to navigate, use controllers with simple interactions. I got familiar with the new interaction and in the VR space pretty quickly. I think the Oculus headsets become so much affordable and better with the resolution and interaction design. The first intro guide experience was very user-friendly and easy to follow.

I didn’t discover many things to do on my first day of trying the Oculus headset. …

Free tools for 3D modelling

  1. Sketchfab (

2. Block (

3. Spoke ( Software that is a simpler version of Unity. Hub is where I can create a link to the room/scene I create.

4. Unity (

5. Cinema 4D (not free)

I found a few modelling online and modify to test by putting them on the hub. <- how to bring C4D to Spoke

3D modelling resource


I learned 3D max in university also went to learn C4D but never got to use much other than simple modelling. So my knowledge is intermediate level.

Where can I start to make modelling for VR? I had Unity installed a couple of years ago but this was my first time using it. Building something Unity wasn’t intuitive for me, but I managed to build something simple and exported and be in the model with the Oculus. — success!

‘How can I screen capture to share what I saw?’

I found this tutorial explaining start to the end — how to install Unity, start modelling and final step to export to experience in VR.

I got my first Oculus Quest 2 delivered literally a day after the government lifted the lockdown restrictions. lol Well, I decided to get this headset to practice building my own place in virtual reality because it seems a lot easier and more fun than doing that in real life.

During the pandemic, “Zillow” -ing became a thing. 3D map technology that scanned the entire place makes things so much easier to snoop other people’s home without physically being there — what a time-saving! (is it really?) I love interior design, not just looking at beautiful houses but also renovating…

WE-AR studio

WE-AR is a creative studio making wearable AR lens and VR space. The blog is written by the founder, Lena as she explores. Stay tuned

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